How to Be Indexed In Bing?

Now that you have decided that your website should rank in the Bing search engine, which is all set to become a major craze in the Internet World, you need to know the techniques which will allow you to do so. We share some great tips with you ….

One of the major aspects with the Bing is that the ranking here is fully automated. There is no human hand there to decide over the page rank that a site should get. Naturally, the owners of the website do not have chances to influence their rankings directly. Still, it is possible to improve the ranking in Bing.

For that, however, it is important to learn about the way it functions. There is an algorithm that analyzes the web pages by measuring certain factors. It is through the optimization of these factors that the ranking of your in Bing can be improved. Here are a few quick points to take note…

Tip 1: The most important thing is to make sure that your website does not have any malware. Or link to any bad neighborhood site. If it happens, even unknowingly, your website can be immediately de-ranked by this search engine. So Beware!

Tip 2: Bing strives to ensure that the users get the relevant results. So make sure that your website content is informative and interesting. In fact having interesting content is the most effective way to induce people to revisit your site. However, to help your site rank well in the Bing, it is essential that the content should have sufficient number of key words. To find the key words, you need to think from the visitors’ perspective and find out the words that a person might enter while searching for the information that you are providing in the internet. This will ensure that whenever he searches for information he would visit your site.

Tip 3: Reasonable size of your web page helps it receive a good page rank in the Bing. This means that the size should be neither very long, nor too short. If there is no image in the web page, it should be around 150 KB.

Tip 4: There should be a minimum of one static link per page.

Tip 5: Exclude the words from the image if you are trying to use those words as key words. So, if you are trying to use the name of your company as the key word, you should include it separately from the logo.

Tip 6: Site maps are important. This will enable the web crawlers like MSNBot to access all the web pages that you have. Interestingly, they can not access the pages if they are placed in the menus or list boxes. However, the Sitemaps tools in the Webmaster Center will help you construct the site maps of your web pages.

Tip 7: The website should be very easily accessible. The organization should be such that a person can reach any of the webpage within three clicks from the default webpage.

If you follow the above seven tips your site is sure to rank well in Bing. However there are certain things that you should not try with Bing. They may even put you out of the Bing Index.